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What Has Ross Mountney Been Up To?

There is only one thing better than reading a wonderful book and that is when you are reading a wonderful book that is written by someone that is dear to you. It gives me extreme pleasure to be telling you about A Home Education Notebook by Ross Mountney.

A Home Education Notebook

This is a book for anyone that is interested in education. Yes. I stand by that. Folks often think that books like this are only to be read by those that are on the Home Education journey. However, if you are truly interested in education, you will understand the need to explore all philosophies in the hope of getting a fuller picture.

A Home Education Notebook is divided in 52 chapters so that anyone who is educating their children themselves can dip into it whenever they feel a wobble coming on or they suspect that the earth is opening them up and swallowing them.  Basically, there is a chapter for every week of the year – however, I couldn’t wait that long to read it all.

Ross Mountney

I think that sometimes people get the idea that because writers write about education, it must be very serious and proper – or even downright dull. Let me tell you that if you want to read someone that is funny, opinionated and often outrageous then Ross Mountney is your girl.  She really doesn’t pull any punches – although Jane, her editor at Bird’s Nest Books often has to restrain her a little.

Joking apart, when I close A Home Education Notebook, I get the feeling of someone who cares vastly about people and their experience of education. Ross has been writing about Home Education for a long time and she’s experienced so many people exploring this avenue that it is part of who she is. Like me, she believes that learning is for life. The only time you should stop learning is when you are no longer here.



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