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Letters from the powerful Elizabethan magician who will stop at nothing to get what he wants from Will Blyton.

Corpsehound’s Correspondence 1

My lady

How I wish I could see your rosebud lips.  To be banished from your society is to be under the ground.  My lady, clear my name of bad deeds and I will spend the rest of my earthly days repaying your kindness.  Never, will you want for jewels or spices.  Your feet will always wear the most comfortable slippers, your neck the reddest ruby.  Take heed, my lady, if I am to be kept away from court, never will I be able to offer you the finery my magick can offer.

          My lady, a raven, the largest and blackest that you have ever seen, sits upon my arm awaiting my orders.  His beak is a cutting blade, his talons made for splicing.  The raven’s name is Ravensmite and he will be your pet, if you do as I ask.  My lady, before you throw this letter down with a sneer, let me offer you a special intelligence about the bird.  He can change into a grown boy in seconds.  He will be your faithful servant and your guard.  All you have to do is regain my favour with HER again.  Do this and you will have more power and riches than you ever dreamed possible.

          My lady, on the matter of why I have been banished – have you yet discovered the traitor with the murderous heart who dirtied my name?  When the deceitful rogue’s name is brought to me, I will shrink him to the size of a seahorse and imprison him in a pebble forever.  His tongue will run away with him so that no man, woman, boy or girl will ever befriend him again.  His stone prison will live on a sandy beach, always, he will go in and out with the raging tide.  The noise of the sea will torment his ears forever as the words of banishment have tormented mine.

          Send me a sign soon My lady,

Your faithful servant

Master Corspehound.


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