Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow.

will blyton -skull cover

When Hamnet, a tiny boy trapped in a stone promises Will Blyton time travel, he thinks his problems are over.  When a 14th century monk becomes his Stinking Shadow, he realises the trouble has just begun.  Find out how Will stops the malicious shapeshifter, Ravensmite, from returning Hamnet to his cursed existence whilst, at the same time, plotting to send The Stinking Shadow back in time.  Amidst the chaos and dark humour is the story of a boy battling with his own self worth and the start of a strange and powerful friendship.  Visit the strange seaside town of Groaningsea and have the adventure of a lifetime as Will Blyton becomes The Alternative Detective.

Frankenstein’s Revenge – a play full of shifty manoeuvres and time travel”

Frankenstein's Revenge

Dr Victor Frankenstein is shocked when his fiancée Elizabeth visits him suddenly. She is not the sweet, quiet girl he expects to spend the rest of his life with but a worse for wear corpse. The real shock comes however, when she gives him an ultimatum. She announces that he is not the world’s greatest scientist but a character in a book that made a monster. He treated the monster so badly, it killed their family and friends, including her. Elizabeth warns Victor that he must love the monster like a son to change the story; otherwise they will have no future together.
Frankenstein is adamant that if he is only a character in the book, then everything that has happened is the fault of the author. He believes that he can force Mary Shelley to write that he creates a perfect human being instead of a monster; then Elizabeth will be his forever. His servant, Toadstool has ulterior motives and eggs Frankenstein on to get his revenge on Mary Shelley. Frankenstein and Toadstool send a Georgian debt collector, a 19th C American showman and a modern day boy who thinks he is Sherlock Holmes to make Mary Shelley suffer in the same way that Frankenstein has in the book. Can Frankenstein force Mary Shelley to re-write her novel and so make Elizabeth his forever – or do things go dreadfully wrong?
This dark comedy introduces Frankenstein to children aged 9-12 in a fun yet thought provoking way. The theme of prejudice echoes the play as it echoes Mary Shelley’s classic novel. It can be used to help group reading and acting. It also encourages children to write themselves. Learning about literature has never been such fun.

For the future:

Mulgrave Castle.

Shakespeare’s  Bottom.


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