Ross Mountney Has Been At It Again.

A beautiful picture book

A beautiful picture book


I love picture books; I can sit and admire them again and again. They also help to raise my spirits if I feel that I need jollying along. When I received my copy of The Wrong Adventure by Ross Mountney, I was delighted because Ross is a very dear friend. It doesn’t get much better than one of your favourite types of book being penned by someone you love and respect.  I have a feeling that this picture book will get a lot of use.

The lovely lady herself

The lovely lady herself

This is the second book in the series where Little Harry – from a Home Educated family – gets into more bother. The book is delightful and full of the innocence of a small boy that is trying to make sense of the world. I love the way Ross echoes through Harry’s character that learning can take place anywhere. Young children learn as they encounter new things and this is the essence of Home Education – you go about the world and learn how it works. The illustrations are extremely charming too. These are done by a Home Educated young man, James Robinson and really transport us into the idyllic world that is on offer.

Reading books like this actually helps small kids to speak. They listen to the story over and over while gazing at the pictures and the reason that you have to read the book to them 200 times is so that they can learn what every single word means. Little kids are amongst the best students in the world; they are born with an ability to try and try until they can conquer a skill. Books like The Wrong Adventure are priceless resources therefore to our adorable tots. Enjoy!




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  1. Thank you very much for your warm review. x

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