Being Buoyant – Enrich Your Life – Love Your Body

If there is one simple step that you can take to enrich your life, it is to love your body. Before you say that you have wobbly buttocks or a rotund tum, hear me out. It may change the way you view your darling bod and once that happens other changes will also take place.

Well those cheeks aren't bad, it's the others that I'm worried about.

Well those cheeks aren’t bad, it’s the others that I’m worried about.

Over my years of people watching and listening, I have noticed folks’ weight going up and down like an elevator sniffing substances. I have seen people suffering from depression because of their bodies and then adding more weight because of the depression. You get the picture; basically, bodies can cause more misery than looking at David Cameron’s face when he is trying to look sincere. Yet other folks love keeping fit and healthy – how does this come to be?

Baby, you have buttocks to die for

It is all to do with loving your body. I don’t mean stripping off to your knickers and saying “baby, you have buttocks to die.” I mean taking a moment and thinking about what your body does for you. It works 24/7 without a rest. All right, you may sleep but your body is still keeping you alive and digesting all that fat, sugar, protein, alcohol or whatever it was that you stuffed into it. It puts up with being stuffed in a car for hours on end when it needs to be exercising and it gets sunburned too. The list is endless – think of some of your own.

Must say, I am really impressed by how much exercise my index finger is getting.

Must say, I am really impressed by how much exercise my index finger is getting.

Okay, we’ve agreed that your bod is a good friend and worker and that it’s amazing that it didn’t quit years ago. However, you may still scowl at the thought of your stomach, thighs or big toes. You have to get over this by working on your relationship with your body. This is going to sound really whacky but tell your body ‘thank you’ for everything that it does for you. You can go further and massage yourself with lotion or perfumed cream too – your body will love that.

Hey! You! Stop peeking.

Hey! You! Stop peeking.

In essence, what I’m really getting at is that until you love and respect your body, you will continue to abuse it. If you love your body, you will think before you stuff it full of junk, alcohol or drugs. You will give it the exercise that it needs and you will feel happier too. The reason for this is that when you love your body, it responds tenfold. You will feel better and you will look better too. That’s the deal – love your body and it will love you back.


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6 responses to “Being Buoyant – Enrich Your Life – Love Your Body

  1. I admit I need to work on the relationship I have with my body, but I always feel better about it when I do the right things for it (i.e., exercise, good nutrition). Great post for the start of a new year when people are charged up to do something good for themselves.

  2. Great post and thank you so much for reminding people that we are all beautiful, no matter what we look like. It’s what’s inside that can be truly ugly (here’s looking at you, David Cameron!).

    I truly wished that more people loved their bods, especially young adults. There seems to be only two types of body shapes for teens these days, the starved waif trying to look ever so cool or the grossly overweight couch potato who’s given up before life’s even started. Makes me so sad. One doesn’t have to join a gym to get fit or stay at an “ideal” weight. Walking just half an hour every day combined with a healthy balanced diet does the trick. The NHS’s own website is brimming with yummy, but healthy recipes that anyone can manage to cook, and there are lots of useful exercise tips as well for getting fit. Even small amounts of exercise will release those loverly “happy” endorphins into our wee brains, giving us a real boost. With a better body shape comes more confidence, with more confidence comes tackling new challenges ahead. Go for it, peps!

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