Who’s Not In School?

Who’s Not in School is a new picture book written by Ross Mountney, illustrated by James Robinson and published by Bird’s Nest Books. The picture book is unusual as it is about Home Education and as far as I am aware there are not many other picture books which cover this subject, if any.

Who's Not In School

Ross is to Home Education what Mrs Beeton was to household management and has published two other books on the subject, ‘Learning Without School’ and ‘A Funny Kind of Education’. The illustrator, James Robinson is a talented eighteen year old who was Home Educated and it is the first book out with new publishers, Bird’s Nest Books.

Home Education is one of those subjects which tends to cause prejudice through ignorance and it is a shame became families all over the world are successfully educating their children themselves. Luckily, Ross is flying the flag for the subject and making sure that folks know the truth about it. Her memoir, A Funny Kind of Education is a charming, page turner that is not out of place besides other life adventure books like Peter Mayle’s, A Year in Provence. Anyone reading that will soon see the merits of Home Education and be enchanted at the same time.

A Funny Kind of Education

Who’s Not At School is Ross’s latest book to help the world understand that children do not have to go to school to be educated. It’s out today, May 27th 2015 and if you are interested you should have a peek.  Just follow the link.



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