Getting Kids to Read – Lotta’s Bike

If we are to get little ones reading, we have to keep them interested. This means sharing a wide range of books with them. A wonderful book called ‘Lotta’s Bike’ by Astrid Lindgren will most certainly make them want to turn the pages and find out what happens to Lotta. It is aimed at children over the age of three.

Lotta's Bike

The book was published in 1971 and Lotta is one of the most popular characters in Swedish children’s literature. She is little girl who gets into also sorts of scrapes alongside her older siblings, Jonas and Maria. Some parents might view the antics of the children as being a bit too much but children love them and it is a great way of discussing behaviour with kids.

In ‘Lotta’s Bike’, Lotta is hoping to get a bike for her birthday. However, her parents get her something else instead and so she decides to borrow her neighbour’s bike and takes her toy pig Barnsie for a ride. Unfortunately, the bike is too big for Lotta and she loses control of it on a steep hill. As per usual, she has to face the consequences; think rose bush and bicycle owner here.

All the Lotta stories explore everyday events which small children can understand either through personal experience or by it happening to someone close to them. For instance, in ‘Lotta Leaves Home’, Lotta is not happy with her family and decides to run away from home. As you can guess, Lotta soon appreciates the value of her family and her home when she is away from them. All the stories are told with gentle humour which will make your child smile while thinking about the deeper meaning of the story. If you can get your hands on a copy of any of the Lotta books, you will probably enjoy it as much as your little ones.



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2 responses to “Getting Kids to Read – Lotta’s Bike

  1. My favourite book ever was by Astrid Lindgren; Pippi Longstocking! Haven’t come across this one but if it’s as good the kids will love the eccentricity of it!

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