Here’s another of Nisha Moodley’s great posts on Literature. This time it is on Wilkie Collins – time to cuddle up with “The Woman in White!”



Classic Friday

Welcome to Classic Friday with Nisha Moodley, your monthly journey into Classic authors and their Literature!

Nisha MoodleyNisha is a South African writer, blogger, amateur historian, mystery-chaser and former ghost-hunter who, with a completed collection of short-stories under her belt, is currently working on her first full-length novel.

I hope you enjoy this ‘Classic Friday’ entry and I’ll be back on  Friday 22nd March for some more…




Fans of Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe and Arthur Conan Doyle might be surprised to hear that as celebrated as these authors are, a lesser known writer has the distinction of being called the Father of English detective fiction. That man’s name was Wilkie Collins who, at one stage, was one of the highest paid writers in England. He is also well-known for having been a close friend of Charles Dickens and for leading an unconventional…

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  1. Thanks for this link and post. I didn’t know much at all about Wilkie Collins and hadn’t really twigged what period he was so was fascinated to read this.

  2. Wilkie Collins is a favourite of mine – I “inflicted” him on one of my reading groups – and they all loved him, it was ‘The Woman in White’… now I have imposed my will on the other reading group and we’re reading ‘The Moonstone’ for next month!

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