This is one of Will’s interviews. I am quite tickled with this interview with Gary Russell as he played Dick in the 1978 television version of the Famous Five – truly scrumptious!

The Consulting Detective


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I shall be conducting several interviews throughout the year with members of the Doctor Who team past and present. The second in the series is with Doctor Who writer, script editor, producer and all ground good egg, Gary Russell.

Hello Gary. You have written several different excellent Doctor Who books for different Doctors. Do you think your approach to writing them differs with each Doctor or is there one set formula that only needs tweaking from book to book?

I think you would be doing a massive disservice to the actors and production teams if you believed each one was that easily interchangeable. So no, each Doctor and each companion has be treated as indivduals. Similarly there are tropes and cliches for each Doctor’s era that I reckon should be stuck to. Yes, obviously the Doctor is the same person in…

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  1. This was fascinating…despite what he says I don’t think he talks ‘bollocks’ at all!!

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