This is one of Will’s interviews with author, Alex Scarrow – from our sister site – I could read about Alex as a delicious bad boy in a novel going off Alex’s top photograph – great pose!

The Consulting Detective

Hello Alex, TimeRiders is a popular time travelbook series about a group of teenagers who have cheated death and are now working for an organisation to combat others from changing history. Where did you get the idea for the series?
ALEX – I’ve always liked time travel as a story telling device because it gives you an infinitely large canvas to work with.  I was a big fan of the Terminator movies and the Back to the Future movies in the 80s, mainly because of the idea of alternate versions of the present day that could be the result of an altered past.  Great stuff; at once familiar and at the same time so very different.
Why did you decide to set the series base of operations for the first five books in 2001 on the day of 9/11? Is it not rather risky to set it in…

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  1. This post was a very interesting read – find it fascinating to hear what writers have to say about their creativity.

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