“Christmas Carol”- inspired by Charles Dickens.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Every year on Christmas Eve, we gather around the fire and by candlelight we read and tell each other ghost stories.  This of course is inspired by Charles Dickens, the Victorian novelist, who virtually designed our model of Christmas with his ghost story, “Christmas Carol.”  One of the aims of Loony Literature is to encourage folks and children to read more classic literature and also to use it as a springboard for their own creativity.  Therefore, for this Christmas, we have created our own comic version of “Christmas Carol” to both entertain and inspire you. 



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34 responses to ““Christmas Carol”- inspired by Charles Dickens.

  1. Well!! I think the ghosts are totally brilliant – you too are so clever. By the way, who’s the new boyfriend in the background Michelle? Have you traded Trevor in for a toy boy!! xx

  2. Poor Mr Gawp, what an experience! How’s a person to enjoy their mince pies when their bedroom turns into Piccadilly Circus full of ghostly visitors! Great fun to watch, well done to the Loony Lab for their interpretation of an old classic. BTW, where was Kermit in all this?

    • Thank you so much – Kermit was hiding underneath the bedclothes but please don’t let Miss Piggy know as she is hiding in the wardrobe waiting to jump out on him.

      • Hey Yah, take that frog and smoke it in a pipe! Yes, I can see just see the little kung-fu porker darting out of the wardrobe and flying through the air to get at her Kermie.

      • I can’t move at the moment, I’ve had to sit on her and boy is she a handful.

      • TWO handsful you mean to say…she’s a busty lady with lots of will power!

      • She’s just nearly thrown me across the room but Mildred crept up behind her and bit her backside so she lost some of her power.

      • I need to borrow Mildred urgently – there’s a mouse in my store cupboard! Yeiks!

      • Oh no. Mildred has anything which moves – it’s amazing how such a loving docile girl turns into a killer beast within seconds.

      • she can have her very own mouse-turkey right here in our kitchen. Actually, the wee mouse I saw when I opened my cupboard was rather cute…still, the little blighter’s eaten everything in my store cupboard, even the white chocolate chips I was going to use for baking muffins (a presi to a friend).

      • Wait until it eats some more and then eventually it will be too chubby to run. You can put it in a box and take it somewhere else to live.

      • My enemies beware, one SUPER MOUSE coming up. Reminds me of Sylvester the cartoon cat when he meets a baby kangaroo and mistakes it for a giant mouse. One of my all time favs.

      • I remember that one – I also loved it. How big is this mouse getting?

      • It’s tiny at the moment, but by the time it’s munched its way through the rest of the food in the store cupboard…it’s anyone’s guess.

        This is the message from Rich about the snow on WP:
        dashboard – down left to settings – general – scroll down to bottom – check box for snow.

      • Hurrah – I’ve now got snow falling on my blog thanks to you. You need to persuade Mousie that it needs to find alternative accommodation. I once trapped two of those mice which jump into a toy box and then set them free into the fields. The third one, unfortunately wasn’t daft enough to go in the toy box and pushed me too far.

      • glad to hear the snow thing worked – do go to rich’s brainsnorts blog and thank him, he deserves the credit! I still have nightmares about a mouse problem we had years ago at a property in Surrey. Field mice moved in and we nearly moved out because there were so many of them – humane traps don’t really work because they are so smart and work out how to open them. Poison is horrible, dangerous (we can’t have it because of Benji-dog anyway) and when mouse eats poison and gets ill, it crawls away to the most difficult spot under the flooboards and its little corpse stinks for ages. Don’t want a repeat of that.

      • Yes, I will thank Rich. I hate to say this but I have found that old fashioned mouse traps do work as a last resort – well they did for me when I’d tried everything else – the best thing really is a cat – the only time I have ever had mice has been when I have been catless. Aren’t there any hanging around the street that you could tempt in for a couple of hours a day until the mice get a whiff of cat and move out?

      • We though the dog-whiff might do the trick but the mousies are ignoring Benji’s aroma. I would try and entice one of my neighbour’s cats into the house, cat-napping, hehe.

      • I think you have to ask a neighbour for the loan of their cat, give it some treaties and get its pong around the place and then see what happens.

  3. So enchanting. This is one of my favorite Christmas stories. I like your version a lot! 🙂

  4. That was fabulous. I really enjoyed watching it! 🙂

  5. Those ghosts were scary! I would have wet that comfy bed if that were me.
    I’m taking it upon myself to find Gawpy a girlfriend. Never been entangled with a woman? Oh my Godiva, does he know what he’s missing?

    • It was such a laugh to make that and at the point about being entangled with a woman, Will did actually lose being Gawp for a split second as he almost starts laughing. Have you seen the Frankenstein one yet? This is a must – you will be armed with insults to hurl if anyone gets up your nose this year.

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  8. Ms Tingle

    You’ve done it again Mr Gawp bravo!
    Yes the snow gently falling is really lovely, you certainly have some clever little vegimites (Australian expression) giving you tips, like Mariathermann

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