Christmas Carols For Beginners.


Christmas Carol Singing.

Horace Gawp prepares for his Yuletide vocals with the Mugwashs.

Every year, at this time, Mistress Loony entertains the Deserted Village with her festive events.  She is determined to outdo Mistress Mount-Crankshaft who ruined Mistress Loony’s carol concert in the village hall last year by bringing a crowd of village rowdies from the church choir.  It really did not need to end the way in which it did but as the choir pelted Mistress Loony with cabbage skin, she became heated and suggested that the vicar resembled a vampire.  Needless to say, the Loony Literature carol concert will be from home this year with only certain members of the public invited, namely Horace Gawp and the Mugwashs.  So sit back and enjoy the Loony version of a carol concert and as for you, Mistress Mount-Crankshaft – get a load of my festive hat and weep!!!!!

So remember if your festive endeavours fall into the mire,  you can always emerge with a sweet aroma if you get a festive hat.



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16 responses to “Christmas Carols For Beginners.

  1. How on Christmassy Earth did you get Vincent Mugwash aka Michael Jackson in top hat to allow you sitting on his knee? Hollywood’s agog. If my village-allergy didn’t prevent me from attending your annual festivities, I’d come to the Deserted Village and help you teach that Mistress Mount-Crankshaft a thing or two about syncopated singing.

    • I had to pin him down to stop him from running away. I think that we should gang up on that Mistress Mount-Crankshaft she’s always looking down her inflated nostrils at me.

      • She sounds like a right piece of work. We’ll sort her, don’t you worry. Just watch her face when I hurl my version of “Oh Tannenbaum” at her, followed by a well-aimed smash hit like “Stille Nacht”. She’ll be quaking in her booties.

      • I love that “a right piece of work”. Your versions sound admirable, no – magnificent – go for it with vigour.

      • That Mr Brahms stuff can get you right between the heartstrings, so Mistress Whatsherface had better watch her step.

      • She won’t know what’s hit her when you launch into your rousing rendition of “Tennenbahm” (sorry if I’ve spelled it wrongly – but it sounds more rousing than Christmas Tree.) Something has just occurred to me – when you mentioned Christmas Tree and Silent Night in German, I had a memory of hearing “Tennenbahm being sung in a very deep voice – I don’t know whether it was from being at school. I think I also have a cd somewhere (my cds are all over the place) with German carols on it – I shall have to have a look.

      • Tannenbaum is usually sung by children, so this is rather mysterious!

      • Really? How strange. The voice in my head is definitely deep, male and adult. I hope it eventually comes to me.

  2. Mishka, you have a gorgeous singing voice, but I couldn’t stop laughing hahahahahahaha!!! Does Gawpy have ants in his pants????

  3. I love how you bring your characters from one event to another! This was very enjoyable, and I think your singing is divine. 🙂

  4. You are doing such a great job of getting me in a festive mood!!

  5. Ms Tingle

    Quite imaginative! ‘We wish you a spooky Christmas’ ha ha ha

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