Frankenstein’s Revenge Play – Episode 6.

In the last exciting instalment, Horace Gawp came face to face with his evil twin brother, Boris.  When a mysterious police inspector turns up at the Loony Literature Laboratory, things go from worse to disastrous for Mistress Loony.  Is this the end of the road for The Laboratory?

Can you spot the deliberate mistake in the video?  Clue – it’s to do with a rhyming name.

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7 responses to “Frankenstein’s Revenge Play – Episode 6.

  1. HAHAHAHA! Mr Gawp will be giving the British Police Force some ideas about cost savings…I can just see our local squad cars being scrapped and instead bobbies with bicycles holding up flashing blue lights will be dashing past our houses. Love it!

  2. Love it – I always thought toilet rolls were evil too! And Will’s accent is very convincing, and I grew up in Fulham!! Great work! x

  3. Oh no! An arrest is being made! Whatever will we do??? Such fun, I love it, as always.

  4. Ms Tingle

    What a hoot, cracked me up to no end. It is a good idea to be playing different roles in the early stages of acting as you develop into a more versatile actor; unlike some that get stuck with the same roles throughout their career and then have difficulty playing any other type of character. I can see the confidence growing also, which allows you to become each character more easily. Well done.

    • Thank you, we did find it a hoot to do. At the moment, we are trying to get the room ready for the Christmas film clips and get new outfits for the monsters, at the end of the day, it’s always that working against the clock. Thanks for taking the time to comment and watch, it really it appreciated.

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