Frankenstein’s Revenge Play – episode 5

Horace Gawp had been desperate to star in the play “Frankenstein’s Revenge”, unfortunately all the members of the drama group left when he joined.  The intrepid Mistress Loony was not to be put off as she announced to Horace that they would advertise for actors to act in the play with him.  This was not to be as less than respectable types turned up for auditions.     Eventually, Mistress Loony and Mr Gawp decided to do it themselves.  Things turn nasty however, when a face from Mr Gawp’s past arrives unexpectedly.



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13 responses to “Frankenstein’s Revenge Play – episode 5

  1. Will is going from strength to strength – Boris is terrific!

  2. I agree with the comment above! FANGTASTIC, as my vampire heroine would say! An utter joy to watch and I can’t wait now for the next instalment when Horace will get his own back and defeat the dastardly plans of Boris (the curse of theatres everywhere). Watch out Horace, he’s behind you!

    • Boris and Horace – can you believe it? Thank you for your lovely comments. On a piece of serious theatre, we went to see the play of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde this afternoon – the guy who did Jekyll and Hyde was amazing. They did a piece of physical theatre and it was breathtaking, so much so that I wanted to rewind it and watch it again.

  3. I look forward to these videos so much. I really get a kick out of seeing joy in action, and I can tell how much fun you’re having. Ooh, I love his evil laugh!

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  5. Ms Tingle

    Well done Will, you’re a knock out. You have definately outdone yourself this time. It is facinating to watch your acting skills develop along the way. oxox

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