Hallowe’en Monster Name Competition.

Today a new monster skipped across the graveyard and turned up at The Laboratory

Nobody knows the name of The Mystery Monster.

So now we know why she has turned up at The Laboratory for Hallowe’en but we still don’t know her name.  We have decided to name her ourselves but with the help of you.  Please send name suggestions to loonylit321@btinternet.com    At Hallowe’en we will choose the best name and send the winner two copies of Frankenstein’s Revenge so that you can act it out with a friend.



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14 responses to “Hallowe’en Monster Name Competition.

  1. How about Alice Coopernica, in honour of Alice Cooper and “School’s Out”? or Frankenstein’s Aunty Aurelia…or Dracula’s mother Veruca? I trust you’re not conning us with this picture…are they genuine monsters or are they your neighbours dropping in for a cuppa and a muffin? “Village people” can be quite eccentric in their attire…

    • loonyliterature

      Oh, I am so glad that you don’t live near me – I just would not even like to think what we would end up getting up to. All I know is that we would be bent over with laughter half the time. She does have a look of Alice Cooper, doesn’t she?

      • mariathermann

        Actually, I’m rather sad we live so far apart ( in body, not mind). Just think what an amazing birthday party we’d have!

        Yes, she does remind me of Alice Cooper, just after he’s had his head chopped off in one of his shows. On second thoughts, there is a resemblance to Michael Jackson…in his later, sadder years.

      • loonyliterature

        My goodness – it would be a very loony party indeed. Especially now that we’ve got a new friend who looks like Alice or Michael as he went through a sad period of his life. Life is so strange at times.

      • mariathermann

        Who knows, this is wee Britain, so we’re not really that far apart geographically speaking. We should try and meet up one day – perhaps in London, if that’s the most convenient for you, unless there’s a city that’s closer to you.

      • loonyliterature

        Of course, we’re going to meet there was never any doubt of that. London is too far for a day trip because it’s a car ride and two trains. So that would mean an over night stop. Just let finances pick up and then we will arrange something.

      • mariathermann

        Oh, I got it into my head from a previous communication that you lived quite close to London. Never mind. Besides, there’s still Will’s desire to see the Dr Who exhibition here in Cardiff.

      • loonyliterature

        No, but we will meet – we just need to get our finances a bit healthier so it’s not a half an hour rush job.

      • mariathermann

        I know, hopefully with B. moving in this weekend, my finances will begin to straighten themselves out over the coming months. Fingers crossed.

      • loonyliterature

        Let’s hope so, it controls nearly everything.

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  3. Ms Tingle

    I haven’t got a name suggestion but could not help laughing when I saw her; I literally cracked up laughing in hysterics. The name ‘Roula’ came to mind as a first name as she reminded me so much of my ex sister in-law from my first marriage. I used to refer to her as ‘Hitler’ a pun on her name. My goodness she was a tyrant.

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