Frankenstein’s Revenge Play – Episode Four.

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Mistress Loony is waiting to audition actors for Frankenstein’s Revenge.  When a Mr Sherlock Holmes turns up with his own ideas, Mistress Loony makes an important decision.



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38 responses to “Frankenstein’s Revenge Play – Episode Four.

  1. He’s done it! Sherlock’s upstaged you Michelle! And what was that you were squeezing?! 🙂

  2. I need to remember not to eat my lunch when I’m watching these videos. 😉

  3. I didn’t know Mistress Loony was a druid seer? Otherwise…how did she know it was Mr Gawp behind the closed door? Spooky stuff. How Dr Watson could put up with Sherlock all those years…just imagine sharing your home with a bloke who goes round “deducting” his landlady’s a woman every time he sees her.

    • loonyliterature

      Mistress Loony was expecting Mr Gawp. That Sherlock Holmes is too big for his boots. I’ve tried replying to your comment on Merlin and it won’t let me for some reason.

      • mariathermann

        But still… in a house with monsters and Alice Cooper look-a-likes, how could she know who came knocking at the door? Very clairvoyant of her. I’m assuming you finally managed to comment on Merlin, as I’ve just answered your reply.

      • loonyliterature

        Maria, you’ve just given me an idea for Mistress Loony – thank you. Your Merlin reply bit is giving me the willies, I think Merlin has put a spell on it – I’ve tried to reply to the latest one and I’m getting funny messages.

      • mariathermann

        At certain times of the day WP seems to go a bit mad because too many users are online at the same time. Glad to have contributed in a small way to your Frankenstein project. Keep it coming, it’s such fun.

      • loonyliterature

        Your Merlin has gone dicky on me again, it keeps telling me that I’m unauthorised. I’ve replied, let’s see if you get it. Hope you’re well.

      • mariathermann

        If your reply was about Willow on the telly then yes, I got your message.

      • loonyliterature

        This thing is trying to play with my mind – it’s just done it again – if it tells me that I’m unauthorised once more I am going to feed it to the monsters..

      • mariathermann

        there are days when that’s happened to me – as WP is banning you from participating in the world Keep persevering, your messages are reaching me.

      • loonyliterature

        It’s just done it to me again.

      • mariathermann

        where you or Will trying to comment via the Consulting Detective site with me about Merlin fan fiction? There’s no message, so it looks like spam at the moment.

      • loonyliterature

        No it wasn’t us, is someone hacking?

      • mariathermann

        how weird somebody’s sending out messages as the consulting detective…unless it’s Vincent and Frankenstein’s bride? Or possibly Mildred?

      • loonyliterature

        Will sent a thank you message but that was all. Did you get something else? Your message thingy is still playing with me, I’ve replied to your comment about the allotment but it’s telling that I’m unauthorised.

      • mariathermann

        i didn’t get Will’s actual message, just the fact that he did try to send message – your allotment message arrived though.

      • loonyliterature

        He said thank you for your kind comments. I’m having a strange time all round with funny things happening. The latest is that I put one of my pumpkins down outside Tesco and the bloody thing decided to roll all over the car park in the tippling rain – can trolls make themselves invisible, because it certainly felt so, every time I put my bags down and bent to pick it up, it started off again.

      • mariathermann

        Wow, attack of the killer pumpkins…a whole English village falls prey to pumpkin shaped aliens who pursue them relentlessly across the village car park until they’ve driven the good citizens into the village pond and drowned them…Pumpkin’s Revenge…years ago a local chef made fun Mistress Loony’s recipe for pumpkin pie and now pumpkins everywhere have woken on the day of the anniversary of the chef’s smarting remark (“Nay Mistress Loony, that pie looks about as interesting as Mistress Thermann’s face and as for the flavour of them there pumpkins…moon dust has more aroma and mouse droppings have more taste!”).

      • loonyliterature

        I love it! You really are the best.

      • mariathermann

        couldn’t leave it alone you mean…really, I shouldn’t make fun of your tragic pumpkin experience. I bet the elves at Hogwarts never had to hunt after their pumpkins when they prepared Harry’s pumpkin juice. I’ll be seein g Hotel Transylvania tonight – will report back to you, if any good.

      • loonyliterature

        I’ve just watched the trailer – it looks fabby – let me know. I think it was the elves from Hogwarts who were invisible and pushing my pumpkins – I definitely believe in Puck now.

      • mariathermann

        Actually, Hotel Transylvania was rather disappointing. Visually, it was very good but the few jokes worth laughing at were all in the trailer, the rest of the film was not particularly funny. Just bought the Book of English Magic…perhaps there’s a chapter on fleeing pumpkins in that…

      • I’ll wait to see it on Blinkbox then. We watched The Raven on Blinkbox last night and we really enjoyed it. Is it good the Book of English Magic?

      • It looks good, but I haven’t had a chance to read any of it, yet. Just got back from cinema – Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie – utterly brilliant, very funny, especially the many homage-references to famous horror and monster movies. Unlike all his other films, this one truly engages emotionally, clearly a subject most dear to his heart. Pets rule!

      • So glad you enjoyed the film, it’s really annoying to make a trip to the cinema, pay good money and then be disappointed – I’ll look out for that one.

      • well, I’ve got a membership to Cineworld, so pay the same £14.99 per month whether I go or not. Still, you’d think with the example of so many great Dracula films about and the template of so many entertaining PIXAR and Disney animated films, they could have come up something a bit better. The lyrics of the songs were actually rather questionable at times and althought the film had been certified for 4-year-olds, I wouldn’t show it to my toddler, if I were a mum.

      • That’s the beauty of living in a city, you’ve got easy access to cinemas etc.. Well, even if the films aren’t all fabby, it sounds like you’re having a ball.

      • My tip for two of the most interesting and inspiring films I’ve seen in a long time: Ruby Sparks and Untouchable (a French language film with subtitles). Utterly brilliant.

      • These are films seen at the cinema and not on dvd?

      • yes, they are at the cinema right now. Don’t bother with Madagascar 3, it’s rubbish, saw it today prior to my weekly German pub meeting.

      • No, I wouldn’t have gone to Madagascar 3 – I saw so many films like that when Will was younger that I really can’t bear to sit through them now – only the really good ones appeal to me. I love having you as my film guide – thanks.

      • GRINS. All part of the blogging service. I know what you mean though, some of the “jokes” in Madagascar were really embarrassing and not aimed at children at all. Iceage 4 is actually very good and really funny. Go and see the Tim Burton Frankenweenie though, it’s splendid and very thoughtprovoking for anyone who has a pet/loved one.

      • The Tim Burton one does appeal. I’ll have to see how long it’s on for as I’ve stocked up on theatre tickets recently.

      • it’ll probably be out soon as DVD, really worth buying rather than renting, as so much to see one misses the first time round. Very clever.

      • I’m really looking forward to it and I love films which can do two views easily.

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