Hallowe’en Run Up – Part Three of Frankenstein’s Revenge Film Clips.

For those of you about to view the latest film clip – I offer my strongest apologies.  In my desire to encourage children to embrace drama, I have as usual made a complete fool of myself.  I know this is not out of the ordinary but … well  – oh just watch it!

The story so far:

Horace Gawp has turned up at The Laboratory feeling down in the dumps as he joined a drama group who were putting on the play “Frankenstein’s Revenge – a play full of shifty manoeuvres and time travel.”  Unfortunately, everyone has quit the group since Horace joined.  Mistress Loony tells him not to worry as she will put an advertisement in the paper to audition actors.  They will put the play on themselves. (Part 1 – to see this episode click on the category sidebar and then choose Frankenstein’s Revenge. )

Albert Chadwick, a used car salesman, auditions for the part – unfortunately, he not only wants the part of Dr Frankenstein, which Mr Gawp is after, but he fiddles  with the script rather.  (Part 2 – to see this episode click on the category sidebar and then choose Frankenstein’s Revenge. )

Mistress Loony is nowhere to be found when a rather mysterious lady turns up to audition as Elizabeth.  Things do not turn out well for Horace Gawp.



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12 responses to “Hallowe’en Run Up – Part Three of Frankenstein’s Revenge Film Clips.

  1. The expression “mad as a hatter” springs to mind, but for all the right reasons. This is such fun to watch – the addition of Sansibear is great, I like his style, playing it cool by turning his back to the audience.

    When your/Elizabeth’s voice went up at the end of “moneyeeeeeeeeeee”, I couldn’t stop laughing. As high-pitched as a bat calling for its mate and as outraged as a banker finding he’s cooked the books but he’s still not getting a bonus. Great stuff.

  2. Well done you two! How do you do it? !!! I have to admit to nearly making a fool of myself too – I read ‘shifty’ manoeuvres completely wrong. I thought; she can’t have written that surely! Keep on having fun! xx

    • I am saying nothing because I am terrible at reading things wrongly when I quickly glance – can you imagine how careful I have to be typing that title? Thanks for the lovely comments – I think the more I make a fool of myself the easier it becomes.

  3. You are so funny! How many takes do you have to do with your videos? You both do such a nice job throughout. Do you have scripts that you practice with first?

    • The takes are mostly first takes and it’s improvised. We agree on where the little bit of story is going and then we do it. We can only do it like that because we are so close and know each other so well – it’s like working with yourself.

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  6. Ms Tingle

    Way to go Mr Gawp, well done indeed.

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