Hallowe’en Run Up – Frankenstein’s Revenge (Part 2)

http://www.exophagy.com Frankenstein (1910 film)

http://www.exophagy.com Frankenstein (1910 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The story so far:


Horace Gawp has visited Mistress Loony in The Laboratory feeling down in the dumps.  He has joined a drama group to perform “Frankenstein‘s Revenge – a play full of shifty manoeuvres and time travel.”  Unfortunately, when Horace turned up, all the other members had quit.  Mistress Loony tells him not to worry as they can put a performance on themselves.  They will place an advertisement in the local paper and start auditioning immediately. (To see part one click on the link at the bottom under Related Articles.)


In part two, Albert Chadwick, used car salesman, arrives for his audition.  Things do not go to plan when Mistress Loony finds out that Albert has his own ideas for “Frankenstein’s Revenge.”



The idea behind these videos is to get children writing, acting, improvising, making sets, putting costumes together, creating characters and filming.  Please join in and make it the most creative Hallowe’en ever.

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15 responses to “Hallowe’en Run Up – Frankenstein’s Revenge (Part 2)

  1. Really fun stuff, Michelle. 🙂

  2. Will’s just so talented; it’s great to see his talent unfold in this relaxed environment – why, oh why can’t more parents do this type of fun stuff with their kids? Doesn’t cost anything but a little effort – far less effort than climbing into a car and driving the entire family to MacWurger for a hamburger.

    • Thank you so much – he’s chuffed to little mintballs with your comments. I’m trying to get more people doing this type of stuff – love the MacWurger thing.

      • It’s a bit of a German joke! Years ago, when I was still a student, the (B) of the Burger King sign fell off an outlet in Hamburg. A smarty-pants student climbed up and glued a huge (W) to the sign, then added two little dots over the (U) in the name…changing Burger King to Wuerger King (phonetically), which in German means King of the Stranglers. It was meant as a critique on their food and the fact that worldwide zillions of cows are slaughtered for burger production via McDonalds and Burger King.

        Happy to hear that Will is taking compliments in his stride. He’d better get used to it, a chap with so much acting talent and comedy timing at such a tender age will no doubt get heaps more praise before he’s grown a full beard.

      • Love the MCDonald’s joke – we have never been fans either. When I show Will this he will beam and blush from ear to ear simultaneously. He’s just said that he’s really chuffed – thank you so much.

      • I’m only giving credit where credit is due, young thespian Will!

      • Thank you – he laughed when you said Alan Bennett.

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