Launching Hallowe’en in The Laboratory with Frankenstein’s Revenge – The Play – Part One.

To launch the run up to Hallowe’en, we’ve done a little film to get us into the mood.  When Horace Gawp visits Mistress Loony at The Laboratory, he is down in the dumps.  He had joined a drama group who were putting on a production of “Frankenstein‘s Revenge – a play full of shifty manoeuvres and time travel. ”  When Horace turned up, all the other members of the group had quit, fortunately, Mistress Loony manages to come up with a solution.

So on with the fun – we want everyone acting, writing, filming, making sets and monsters this Hallowe’en.



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35 responses to “Launching Hallowe’en in The Laboratory with Frankenstein’s Revenge – The Play – Part One.

  1. Laughed out loud! Love the bit with the leg!! xx

  2. What fun! I bet you wish you could do skits like this all day long, every day! I love his expression when he said ‘something to do with aggravated assault’, lol.

    • I have to admit it is fun, we’ve got quite a few others coming up for Hallowe’en as this is an on going story. We’re hoping that by doing this we will encourage lots of children to create characters, make sets, improvise, write, act and film. The reason I really wanted to do this with Will, apart from the fact that I love being with him, is that I think children are more likely to be encouraged by older children than by adults. I hope so. Thanks for the lovely comments.

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  4. Will is back on top form for his Alan Bennett impersonation – great stuff! Hope there’s going to be some Mildred-the-star appearance in the forthcoming episode. You two give the English expression “being legless” a whole new meaning!

    • Thank you. Mildred will be appearing but she takes a lot of bribing. I’m working on it with her with the treats.

      • Pin some tuna to her equity card and see how that works?

      • I’ll give it a try but her favourites are these cat yoghurt things which she gets once a day – to get her to film, I might have to up it to two.

      • you could try catnip, but she might be as high as a kite by the time the camera starts rolling…

      • She’s got a toy sheep on a stick with that on (not sure why they put a sheep on a stick for a cat but that’s another story) – good idea.

      • Sheep??? It’s not as if cats suffer from insomnia, is it? I mean, what self-respecting cat would need to count sheep to fall into a deep slumber?

      • Actually, I hadn’t thought of it from the falling asleep angle, I’m tittering away now. Mildred just lies on her mattress (me) and conks out.

      • Still, the subject of sheep for cats’ entertainment is a puzzling one. It’s not as if they came into regular contact with each other, unless farm cats are concerned. Rodents and cats, yes, we’ve all heard about that one and some of us have witnessed their strained relationship first hand, but what cat-owner has ever seen his pet hurl a fully grown sheep into the air – just for fun – and play with it?

      • Mildred is curled up on my knee now whilst I’m at the lap top but she’s sleeping so I can’t question her. To be honest, I don’t think that farm cats go that near the sheep – I can’t work that toy out at all, before that she had a mouse and she vandalised it but she isn’t as interested in the sheep but surely she can’t see the difference, they are only small and both have catnip. It’s a mystery.

      • cats are clever – they know when their owner has fallen for a silly advertising gimmick. No cat has ever sat in front of a sheep pen, waiting for the “victim” to come out and play, has it. Mildred knows you made a mistake and she’s just too polite to mention it.

      • I think that you must be right – they only had sheep ones in the shop that day – more fool me – they obviously couldn’t sell them, except, of course, to moi.

      • you’re too soft hearted for your own good. Bah, bah…perhaps you could turn it into a vampire sheep for LoonyLiterature’s Laboratory.

      • Ha Ha – I’m laughing out loud at the thought of a vampire sheep – can you imagine?

  5. Ooh Ooh! Can I audition? Can I? Can I? 🙂
    Yes I concur with Maria, where was Mildred???

    • Do you know Nisha, I honestly can’t tell you how much I would love you to star in the play. Why do you live so far away? Although, I don’t think we would get anything done for laughing. Mildred is resting in her dressing room until she decides which part she wants.She rather fancied the part of W.C.Wallace, the American showman based on Barnum but the top hat kept falling over her eyes, in fact, it covered the whole of her head. She thought all the candles had gone out.

      • Good question: why do I live so far away??? *sighs*
        Oh dear, poor Milly. Couldn’t her personal stylist customize the hat for her? (Divas have their own stylists, don’t they???)

      • If you lived nearby you could play Elizabeth – although, I don’t know if you’d fancy being a corpse. Mildred has got her own stylist but she’s too busy eating cat treats. Mildred’s going to have a miow with her.

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  13. Wonderful! I don’t mean to be picky but the guy in the middle’s performance was a bit wooden. Upon reflection I’m also glad you weren’t playing vampires. I loved it.

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