Earlier this week, the junior member of Loony Literature, Will, interviewed Saul Metzstein, director of top British television series, Doctor Who.

The Consulting Detective

Hi Saul, thank you for agreeing to talk to us. How did you end up directing, Pond Life, Dinosaurs on A Spaceship, A Town Called Mercy and two as of yet unnamed episodes, was there a process or did the executive producers ask you?

My agent heard they were looking for directors, so I met with Marcus Wilson, the producer, and then, at a later date, with Caro Skinner, the exec producer, and Denise Paul, the Associate Producer. I also had a long phone conversation with Steven Moffat, who talked to me all about the secrets of directing for Who.  Initially I was employed to direct Dinosaurs and Mercy. Pond Life they asked me to direct because I was around already! I also directed the Prequel to Asylum of the Daleks (which I think can be downloaded on iTunes). The other two episodes I got…

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  1. VERY COOL STORY!!! Thanks for re-blogging it! Take care, Emily

  2. How interesting. I have a friend who’s scriptwriter and director and I’m always amazed at the way she comes at a story.

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