We seem to have some really cool literary ladies here who hardly ever get a mention, so a big round of applause for them and for Nisha for writing about them.

In Verbum Scriptum

August is Women’s Month here in SA. We celebrated National Woman’s Day on the 9th so in honour of it (a bit late, I know, oops), I decided to pay tribute to a few special ladies who have left their mark in the history of literature.

Of course, considering how many brilliant female writers there are, there is a special twist here. The following were not just ordinary authors and poets, they were pioneers of their craft. Yes, I’m going waaaaay back in time, back to ancient history. Some of these names you might know, most of them you might not. They might not be as well-known as the Austens and Brontes but they set a precedence in their communities, influencing not only their own culture but future generations of writers as well. Our histories are marked by patriarchal dominance, yet these women broke new ground and made a name…

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