I love people who go the extra mile to help others, especially when they are encouraging young people who have had a hard time to get on in life. I love this post where Lois helps 15-16 year old in a pupil referral unit to pass an exam on Macbeth. Lois gets top marks and everything else going for her effort and teaching know how – she is really a Loony Literature type of lady – well done Lois!

Lois Elsden

I taught 15-16 year olds in a pupil referral unit; this is an educational establishment for young people who can’t or won’t function within the ordinary state system. We taught them in their last year of statutory education, just one year to turn them around and get them some decent exam results so they would have a realistic chance of a  future, in education, training, or employment. As you can imagine, these young people were seriously challenging with every sort of behavioral issue, every sort of emotional difficulties and often with crime and substance abuse lurking in their background.

The General Certificate of Secondary Education in English includes the study of a Shakespeare play. The obvious choice is ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ aided by Baz Luhrmann’s wonderful film… but they had nearly all studied it to some extent lower down in their schooling, even if it was only to watch the film. I was free to choose whichever play I wanted them to study and then produce a written assignment from their studies……

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