How NOT to do a Shakespeare Audition.

Loony Literature is auditioning people for Richard III.  We show how Shakespeare should not be done by a guitar playing werewolf, a modest cat called Mildred and the incredible Horace Gaup.  We must stress that no children, animals or werepeople were harmed during the recording of this video.



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10 responses to “How NOT to do a Shakespeare Audition.

  1. Ha ha, I couldn’t stop laughing! Mildred was so shy and demure! And you’re right, she’s gorgeous!
    Loved Gaup! Maybe you should give his jazzed-up version a chance? 😀

    • Thank you so much. However, I would like to say that Mildred was seriously acting, in reality, she is a bit of a practical joker. She loves being chased and will not think twice about nipping our backsides so that we will run after her. Yes, I think Horace Gaup’s jazzed up version would be most revealing – unfortunately. I think I’d need a lie down to recover.

  2. Couldn’t slurp my tea, was giggling too much! If Horace Gaup’s ears have been burning, its because I think he’s adorable in a young Alan Bennet sort of sense:)
    Im surprised I did not recognise him when he came to Miss Maria’s fancy dress party with his striking hat…Mildred of course dazzles with her sphinx-like rendition. This is undoubtedly my favourite Shakespeare-experience – with the possible exception of a WS comedy I once saw in Regent’s Park, when cute little glow-worms stole the show. Or perhaps I was just drunk at the time.

    • I’m glad that you liked it. Will said that he thought you would like the reference. Mildred is grooming herself even more than ever, she never stops posing, ready to be called at any moment. I think I live in a circus, not a domestic home. I think between us, you and I capture the domestic gothic rather well. What say you?

      • Isn’t the expression “domestic goddess”? After all, we are creators of worlds…the world of Groaningsea and the world of Stinkforthshire…thank you to Will (A Bennet impersonator extraordinaire) for the impromptu reference to Miss Maria…and thank you to Mildred the feline superstar for speaking the words of the Barde so that even a humble peasant like me could understand them!

      • You are right! We are domestic goddesses!

  3. So the big question is…is Will going to do a serious rendition?! 🙂

    • Possibly at some stage but first we have to do some Will Blyton filming and then some Frankenstein’s Revenge promotional stuff. It’s all about time or lack of it. I would be okay if I didn’t need to sleep. I’ve sent you an email by the way.

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