The Versatile Blogger Award.

About two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive The Versatile Blogger awardfrom a wonderful fellow blogger who constantly entertains me or provokes deep thought in my erratic.  The writer in question is Marcella Purnama and her blog is Message in a Bottle.  I would like to thank Marcella very much and apologise for taking so long to accept the award.  I have been working on Will Blyton  and  The Stinking Shadow.

So what is the versatile blogger award?  Basically it’s a blog award that is given by another blogger. The rules are: to thank your nominator, nominate other bloggers, and tell seven truths about yourself.

So first of all I would like to say to Marcella, that if it was allowed, I would be nominating her.  I love your blog Marcella.  Here are the other bloggers whom I nominate.  It is not in any order and some might have been nominated before.  This is a wonderful fourteen year old who is a big Doctor Who fan, writer and actor.   This is a website by Maria Thermann who has written a fabulous book called Willow the Vampire and The Sacred Grove.  This is a website by Ross Mountney who really cares about children’s education. She is also very funny. Her book is Learning Without School is an absolute must for anyone involved in Home Education.  This is a website run by Nisha Moodley who is one interesting and caring lady.  Oh, she’s also very intelligent and writes great posts.   I love her posts on Victorian books.  Nisha has already had this award, it might be twice – shows how good she is.  This is a photographic website run by a group of students.  Their work is amazing and inspiring.  This is a news blog.  The photographs and videos are either shocking, frightening, funny or educational.  I always look forward to the posts from this site.  This is the work of Rich – a really nice man who writes great stories.  If you need a read – visit Rich. writes the In My Opinion site.  Diane answers a thought-provoking question everyday.  She is intelligent, honest and full of integrity.  This is a site which writes about historical, often quirky subjects.  It also has enchanting illustrations of yesteryear.  This is another historical site which is both illuminating and amusing as it views the way in which homes were run in the past – this is another site which has enchanting illustrations of yesteryear.  If history, particularly the English, Tudor, royal family is your thing, then  this is the site for you. As the name suggests, this is a photographic site. Some of the scenery is breathtaking.  As the name suggests, this site is about The Templar Knights.  There are interesting photographs and also some extremely intelligent explorations of knight mythology. is a travel site described as weekending their way through Europe.  It’s both interesting and fun.  I have only just discovered this site which is about food and travel.  It’s so me.

Now here are seven things about myself.

I really don’t like talking about myself much.

In Will Blyton’- The Alternative Detective Video 2, I dress up as a werewolf and dance.

One of my ancestors was in the pillory three times, unjustly.

Venice is my favourite city with Barcelona coming second.

I  dressed up in Victorian clothing with my son and a friend.  We were driven around in a pony and trap for research purposes for my novel Mulgrave Castle.

I once had a job travelling Britain as a space girl called Zoe and was accompanied by an alien out of the Cadbury Smash advertisement.

If you can cook, you can be my best friend.

Finally, thank you to everyone who reads my blog, it means a lot.

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11 responses to “The Versatile Blogger Award.

  1. Awww thank you! You are just too sweet! And congrats on your Versey, truly well deserved!
    Me, interesting? Looking at your 7 facts, I pale in comparison to you, Michelle! Lol. 😉

    • Thank you for your kind comments. If everyone was as interesting as you, it would be a much more exciting world. I will be tagging tomorrow now that I’ve got the hang of the awards. Great to talk to you.

  2. Congratulations! Well deserved award, about time too!…and I can’t wait to see the video…I’m stunned and utterly flattered that you have nominated my humble blog among all those fabulous blogs, some of which I’ve yet to visit. Thank you so much.

  3. aww. well ain’t that special. thanks for the compliment. and i’ll check out those other blogs too.

  4. Thanks so much for the nomination. And congratulations. Much deserved. x

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