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Here at Loony Literature we want to help writers as much as we can so I’ve been reading books on writing and looking for ways to smooth the path which are useful and not too expensive.  The first of this series looks at Jane Wenham-Jones’ “Wannabe a Writer?” and “Wannabe a Writer We’ve Heard Of?”

Reading these two books is like being with a warm, entertaining friend who gives your spirit a good hoisting.  These are not the usual books which will teach you how to write character or setting, these are books which will open your eyes to the reality of being a writer and teach you how to cope with it.

I’ve had my own experiences of rejections and know how soul destroying it is; I also know that until it actually happens to a would be writer, they really do not know what it feels like.  So whether you’ve just had your first rejection or are on the point of using them as wallpaper, Jane’s books will give you a mental massage and help you to cope .  She is brutally honest about the shedload of rejections she received and the way it made her feel.  Did she falter?  Did she hell – undaunted Jane kept on going.  I don’t want you to get the impression that she is an over confident person who gets up everyone’s noses – she isn’t.  She is also honest about having to knock a glass of wine back before she battled on.  This is what is so uplifting about Jane’s books on writing – she is incredibly human. DSC_3119-Edit-2[1]Have you ever been at a literary festival or in a bookshop and suddenly felt as if you want to bite everybody’s head off because of that rising green bile taking over your body?  Well, it’s okay.  You’re not the only one.  Jane talks about jealousy quite openly.  She wisely points out that it doesn’t go away; we continue to feel it as there is nearly always someone else higher up the ladder.

About five years ago, I was at a Crime Festival listening to two extremely well known crime writers slagging off the Harry Potter books.  They said that writers wrote this type of book because they couldn’t work out a plot; they simply waved a wand to get out of scrapes.  There were more comments and belittling of the books and it became obvious that the green imp was at work.  Both of those writers are extremely high up on the Crime Writing ladder so I think Jane is right about this aspect of human nature.

It is fairly unusual to find a physical section in books about writing, I don’t mean Jane starts sprouting off about her sex life, she points out things which can go untoward with the body like writer’s bottom, writer’s stomach, neck, wrist and shoulder problems.  This might seem a little off the wall to some but I know from past experience that when we are in dire pain from bad posture when typing – you can’t write a single word.

I don’t know if this is something peculiar to me but quite a few writing books have pages and pages of the writer’s own works in them to demonstrate what they are talking about; after so much, this really hacks me off.  I understand that it helps if they are trying to demonstrate how to create a setting but some really do not know when to stop.  Jane’s books are full of quotations from other writers and so there is more of a balanced approach; it’s a bit like being at a very noisy party.

Finally, I would just like to add that “Wannabe A Writer We’ve Heard Of?” is the honest reality about once you’ve been published.  The game is not over once the ball is in the net – or in writing talk – your book is published.  Publishing a book these days is similar to throwing a needle in a haystack; unless folk know it’s there and exactly where to find it – well use your imagination.  Jane talks frankly about promoting both your work and yourself.  Reading her book could save a lot of time, effort and money as she’s been there and has experienced wasting full days and travelling miles for nothing. 

Jane being a 'media tart'

Jane being a ‘media tart’

I found this book especially useful as I have a book which needs lots of editing and is giving me grief.  A plot for another book was starting to come through and I thought I would start on that.  However, in “Wannabe A Writer We’ve Heard Of”, Jane talks about a book’s USP (unique selling point).  When I read about that and how I could use it to further promote the book which is virtually written, I realised that the book I am working on has got a great USP and I could do lots around it to promote it.  As you can imagine, I’ve decided to carry on with that.  So for the very small price of “Wannabe A Writer We’ve Heard Of” on Kindle, I have had a decision made for me and it has saved me time and energy.

To find out more about Jane and her books, follow these links:

Jane Wenham-Jones: Author

Wannabe a Writer? (Secrets to Success): Amazon.co.uk: Katie Fforde, Jane Wenham-Jones: Books

Wannabe A Writer We’ve Heard Of? Secrets to Success: Amazon.co.uk: Jane Wenham-Jones: Books

If you’re not interested in writing at all and are here by mistake, maybe you might like Jane’s latest book instead about controlling your body size or as Jane likes to call it:

100 Ways to Fight the Flab – The Wannabe Guide to a Better Bottom eBook: Jane Wenham-Jones: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

If you have any writing books which you would like to recommend, please feel free to share your experiences here with us.


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12 responses to “Writing Realities

  1. Brilliant post – exactly what I need right now – or is that write now! Thank you! Off to check them out. x

  2. She sounds like a woman after my own heart. I don’t own a Kindle but I’ll look out for a hardcopy… :)

    • These books are great fun, inspiring and have some really good tips in them. You can always download Kindle books onto your laptop – they are really inexpensive – definitely worth the money. Hope you are well.

  3. Great post and thanks for reviewing books on writing for us! Wonderful idea. Once I’ve unpacked all my stuff at the studio, I’ll come back to this page – I’ve got a couple of great books on writing I’d like to recommend, one for children’s writers, the other for science fiction writers. Well done!

    • I wondered what had happened – so I’m relieved that it’s to do with unpacking. Yes, please do recommend away. Hope everything goes well.

      • got flooded out several times thanks to leaky roof and we lost electricity several times. Even the passage to our entrance got flooded thanks to Welsh weather wizard throwing everything he had at us.

        Have finally found the books and will be in touch shortly with recommendations. Hope you’re well.

        How’s Harriet Twine coming along – we want more, more, more

      • Oh my goodness – I hope you’ve got wellies my love – that is awful. Hope you’re warm and dry now. I’ve been fed up because my internet was up the shoot and had to get engineers out, the central heating is also broken so I’m waiting for a plumber but it’s nothing to what you have had. I can’t believe it – dreadful. Harriet’s coming along well – it’s just the time thing, balancing it with other things.

  4. Ms Tingle

    Good post thanks.

  5. Nice review. One of my favorite books on writing isThe First 50 Pages by Jeff Gerke. Really helps you understand what needs to be done to make the beginning of the novel work. :)

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