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Fiction for 9-12 year old. The Maggoty Motleys have kidnapped Rita Vamp, queen of children’s vampire fiction and it’s all Will Blyton’s fault.

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For anyone new to Will Blyton and The Maggoty Motleys, the Prologue, Chapter 1, 2 and 3 can be read by clicking on Will Blyton and The Maggoty Motleys category on the right hand side bar.

Chapter 4.



Wilf stares at the woman who his mistresses have grabbed hold of and carried down to the dark rooms they are hiding in.  She is underfed and dressed from head to foot in black.  Just like The Black Widow really, except her nails and lips are daubed with what looks like blood and she has spider’s legs stuck on the top lid of her eyelashes.  Her hair is as black as the ravens which circle their home so he knows that she is definitely one of them.  He watches as she struggles against The Warthog, hisses at The Peacock and spits at The Black Widow.  They leave go of the…

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