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Will Blyton finds out that the whole town of Groaningsea has travelled forward in time to a children’s literary festival. When Rita Vamp, queen of vampire writing, does not appear on stage to speak, Will suspects that his wish to have her kidnapped by three witches from Macbeth might have come true.

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For the Prologue, Chapter One and Chapter Two, please follow the links at the bottom or click on Will Blyton and The Maggoty Motleys  category in the side menu.

Groaningsea 2006.

When Will looks at Hamnet and finds that he seems to be asleep; he lets out a sigh of relief.  It would have been terrible if Athena’s mother, Rita Vamp, had been kidnapped and stuck in a swizzle chair with heavy bound Sellotape.  At least, now he can get back to talking to Bongo about what has happened.  Bongo is lying on the bed and staring up at the ceiling so Will gives him a nudge and tells him that he thinks that Hamnet has sent the whole town of Groaningsea forward to 2006.  Bongo sits up quickly.

“You can’t send a whole town forward in time, can you?”  He gets off the bed and rushes over…

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