How To Get Rid Of A Stinking Shadow!


Today, we wash ourselves constantly but can you imagine how a 14th century teenage boy could smell?

Originally posted on Will Blyton - The Alternative Detective:

“If you are staying Thadeus, you have to go through a rigorous bathroom etiquette as laid down by the law of The Thunderous Mother.”

Thadeus sits up excitedly.

“What is that master Will?”

“Oh you will enjoy it.”  I have my fingers crossed behind my back.  “Every modern day boy is absolutely mad for the rigorous bathroom etiquette.”  I suck my cheeks in to control myself.

“Wait here a minute.”

Thadeus smiles gladly.

“You are the best master ever.”

A glimmer of shame starts to creep up on me but then I think of the wind and the spit.  Being with Thadeus is like being thrown into gross weather conditions whilst indoors.

I nip into the bathroom, put the plug in the bath and turn the taps on.  Whilst the water runs, I peruse the torture chamber which is called the bathroom cabinet.   I look for a weapon, spy something…

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5 responses to “How To Get Rid Of A Stinking Shadow!

  1. Hi,
    Oh I did love the bathroom plan, and the “weapons” found in the cabinet, had a bit of a laugh about the face mask, unreal. :D
    Really enjoyed the read, a great post.

    • Thank you so much – it’s a little piece from Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow. It’s written to encourage boys aged 9-12 to read.

      • I thought it was brilliant, I think it would appeal to a great many readers, you can’t help but laugh as you picture it in your mind. :)

      • Thanks – have you ever tried a mud pack – the one which is just called “Mud”? If you haven’t, it feels like your face is being sucked up – can you imagine how that would feel to someone from the 14thC. It’s bad enough when you know what is happening.

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